Image: Performance documentation from Whisk the Charts, Knead Grief

Whisk the Charts, Knead Grief

Collaborator, Writer, Performer with The Clinic

In Whisk the Charts, Knead Grief, our wildest wishes for our workplaces are verbalized. Through baking recipes, word games, and poetry, we honor our capacity to long for something better, through imaginative play.

Whisk the Charts, Knead Grief is a performance piece made for one person to experience at a time, with a trauma-informed focus on healthcare workers. Over the course of the 10-15 minute experience, we make a recipe for a new world. The recipe is a provocation -- a collection of the mundane and challenging tasks each person performs at work, infused with unlikely “baking” verbs. Each line of the recipe is a spell that ignites a wish that can counterbalance lack of fulfillment or other workplace diffculties.

Whisk the Charts, Knead Grief is part of The Clinic Performance’s project Resiliency Moments, a series of one-on-one performative experiences designed to offer healthcare staff small moments of joy, wonder, and healing amidst their workdays.  

I’m currently leading Resiliency Moments online from home. I’ve created two scripted, though highly participatory and improvised, experiences: Whisk the Charts, Knead Grief (set in my kitchen), and made for me and you (set outside on my front porch). 

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