I work with people to navigate loss, grief, change and transitions in our work, so that we can be more fulfilled in our lives.

Are you experiencing burnout from...
- Feeling you just cannot do the right thing?
- Ceasing to care and then feeling guilty?
- Lack of agency?
- Lack of support?

I want to work with you.


I offer consulting and coaching services to professionals in the healthcare industry* and social-service sector to process moral injury both inside and outside your professional environment.

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*Care workers, CNAs, doctors, environmental services staff, home health aids, nurses, psychiatric nurse practitioners, therapists, etc.)

If you recognize harm in a work environment, this is a sign that you are growing. You hold awareness of injustice. You are knowledgeable about the conditions that produce unfairness. You are wise. What can we do with that wisdom?

At the height of the pandemic, I consulted with 20 hospitals across the nation and over 1,000 healthcare workers* on burnout and moral injury. My work with CNAs, doctors, environmental services staff, and nurses focused on individual and collective care as we redefined resiliency through the arts, movement, mindfulness, and play.

The overwhelming response? Healthcare workers quit their jobs.

But most working people can’t opt-out of our jobs. How do we hold our humanity as we continue to work in systems that do not serve us, or the people we care for?

The correct response to moral injury is not more resiliency modules. My work quickly shifted to workplace advocacy, supporting the development of relationships that enable people to make bolder decisions in their workplaces that support collective care through advocacy.

I work with people and groups to access our collective intelligence by:

• Forming a transition team:

Who are the pepple in our lives that we can call on to support us with things such as our immediate and on-going safety, accountability and transformation of behaviors, or individual and collective healing and resiliency?

• Holding frequent and intentional check ins:

For reflection and connection and to surface and include multiple voices

• Paying attention to our inner landscape:

This includes our emotions, mindsets, feelings, competencies, blockages in order to align with our outer actions and decision-making process

• Integrating creative practices:

Such as conversation, meditation, reflection, cooking together, journaling, and movement, to access different kinds of perspectives and intelligence and to enhance group cohesion and mutual support.