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Coexisting on Turtle Island, C. Meranda Flachs-Surmanek, Rory Sparks, and Amanda Vincelli are dreamers, community weavers and cultural workers. Their interest in cooperative structures and the solidarity economy led to their fertile collaboration as part of Growing Teeth, a decentralized and experimental research collective exploring ways of challenging normative relationships between ability and work, while dreaming up utopian models for communal aging.

We explored health in the built environment, aging, and planning for old age, interviewing six architects, organizers, permaculture practitioners, artists, and culture bearers experimenting with cooperative structures and collective care: Aki Ishida, Caroline Woolard, Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski, Kestrel Alexander, and Mike Strode.

nudge the soil, the resulting interview-based publication, is a poetic amalgamation of thoughts spurred by conversations about the solidarity economy and intergenerational care work. What does a poetic translation of research findings do? It centers affect, play, idiosyncrasy, and subjectivity, while not reducing our conversations to a series of conclusive “findings”.

nudge the soil exists in print as a risograph single-sheet booklet. Please reach out if you’d like to receive  a copy.