Photo Credits: Daniel Huskey


Co-Director, Co-Organizer, Performer

entre-deux, created in collaboration with artists Masha Afonina, Chelsea Birns, Elizabeth Tamkin, and Ale Hiraoka, was an examination of the objects in our lives through the lens of their past, present, and future stories. What began with loading a 14' U-Haul truck with detritus and miscellanea from the basement of my parents' home in Suffolk County, NY, transformed into a space in which people shared their intimate, and sometimes painful, stories of love, loss, and letting go.

Two galleries in New York, NY became home to a collection of items both cast off and precious. The Commons Gallery hosted an undulating landscape of objects where she originally unloaded them, created with the dramatic intent to present them in their new surroundings with a new purpose. Standing in stark contrast, the Rosenberg Gallery housed its contents in neatly ordered rows of similar items. Reminiscent of a store or collection, this presentation gave new life to both the objects and the people viewing them, allowing for new and renewed connections between those involved in the process.

This environment set the scene for performances and workshops, inciting reflection on the meaning of the objects in our lives, the waste we produce or destroy, and the complementary nature of loss and renewal. Guest performers included: Anaïs Delsol, Lynn Thu Thun, O-NAMI (Two Destroyers), and Lewis Lazer.