The Station at Whitebox Art Center, December 2014
By Miriam Parker & Jo Wood-Brown (InnerCity Projects)

“Time advances and then seems to retreat as overlapping images shed fractured light on walls and audience, thereby alchemically merging art and viewer…an embodied artistic experience that bravely celebrates the pleasures of intuition and partnership; it opens a new field of synergistic discovery for the viewer and lover of art.”
-Adrienne Baxter Bell

“The space was multiple - on the ground, above our heads, behind and in front of us, or through the transparent parts of the suspended structures. [...] This complexity made the work hypnotic, drawing the attention always to a new place.”
-Fiona Templeton

The Station was created in collaboration with: Robert Duteil, Structural Engineer; Michael Getman, Assistant Choreographer; Phillip Kim, Production Designer; Ross Menuez, Sonic Composer; Bill Toles, Lighting and Production Manager; C. Meranda Flachs-Surmanek, Project Manager

Performers: Li Cata, Carly Czach, Thea Little, Rebeca Medina, India Salvor Menuez, Jeremy Pheiffer, Saori Tsukada and So Young An