¡Tengo una voz!

Co-Director and Co-Writer with Alex Becker as part of Ping Chong + Company.

¡Tengo una voz! was an interview-based play exploring personal narratives and family and community histories of teens in Elmhurst, Queens, NY. Created in the Undesirable Elements style, ¡Tengo una voz! was presented as a chamber piece of story-telling; a “seated opera for the spoken word”.

The development process included an extended school-based residency during which students collaborate with peers, teachers, and teaching artists, engaging in interviews, workshops in drama skills-building, and sequential writing activities. Students collaboratively devise an original,  performance that weave their stories and histories theatrically, while touching on relevant socio-political themes.

More information on Ping Chong + Company’s Secret Histories program is available here.