Photos documented at the Velvet Lounge, South Setauket, NY with credit to Andrew Sliwoski; and The Performance Project at University Settlement, New York, NY

Show and Tell
Director, Facilitator

There is a story woven into the fabric of the junk that we surround ourselves with. Show and Tell is a series of workshops and performances that explore the meaning of the objects in our lives.

Participants empty out the contents of their bags and pockets. Then, they work with a partner to re-order their personal items in order of least to most important. From there, we may shift to a writing seminar and open mic that invites participants to write and perform a heartfelt ode to their most prized possession; a collaborative sculpture and weaving project connecting participants’ objects to one another; and more.

What do the objects in our lives say about our politics? Our fears? Our mental blocks? What do they reveal about our relationships? Our relationship to oppression? These questions provide grounds to move differently in the world, and, in doing so, to re-­make the world according to a queerer set of coordinates. We actualize a world that insists on always becoming other than what we are told it should be.