Research Documentation, 2014


Fold is an arts-based research project examining the privileges, complexities, and inequities of land ownership and economic development.

examines inequity as it is revealed in the stories of those who have positional power — the arbiters of the so called American Dream — those who own a piece of North America. The project will offer tools for people to talk about belonging in a community, who gets to claim space, who can’t, and why. 

Full Description:

Fold looks at how the stories we tell — and the stories we don’t tell — shape our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. The project examines landowners’ relationships to their personal fences through a series of oral histories. By interviewing landowners about their relationship to their personal fences, Fold heightens the quotidian function of enclosure and self-isolation that many land-owning individuals practice. Deceivingly mundane interviews with landowners inspire self-reflection, humor, and curiosity. Through an ethic of care and commitment to folklore, Fold calls into question inequities inherent in the rule of law, property rights, land ownership, and economic development.


I am exploring this subject matter through Yiddish dance, fiddle lessons with Earl White, and poetry. 

The process will culminate in either a: 1) Devised performance utilizing the interviews and related research with a small ensemble; or 2) A staged, site-specific spectacle and driving tour featuring landowners sharing their own stories.

Residencies and Learning Exchanges:
- 2019, The Performance Project at University Settlement, Fellowship, New York, NY, U.S.
- 2019, EmergeNYC Fellowship, New York, NY, U.S. 
- 2018, ProjectArt, Art & Social Practice Residency, Queens Library, Jamaica, Queens, NY, U.S.
- 2018, John and Maggie Mitchell Art Gallery, Artist Residency, MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Adrienne Greenbaum, Jenny Romaine (Great Small Works), Sadie (Zeydi) Gold-Shapiro, and KlezKanada’s Azrieli Scholarship Program