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Conversation Cubed

Collaborator with Todd Schenk, Bob Leonard, and Diksha Pilania

Good conversations are multidimensional in nature. Conversation Cubed is an experiential opportunity to develop skills for effective communication. Part one of the event explores the use of data, relationship with power, and importance of emotions, intuition, and lived experience in dialogue through arts-based exercises. Part two features a series of three structured dialogues on a variety of topics that matter to the given audience. A panelist of subject experts interrupt the conversations at various points to suggest new approaches, and invite audience members to intervene using techniques explored in part one. 

Conversation Cubed was made possible in part by a grant from Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology. The events builds upon team-led workshops and research conducted to develop a digital theater experiment, an adaptation of The Race 2020 by Sojourn Theatre.