C. Meranda Flachs-Surmanek

Hi! My name’s C. Meranda. I’m a narrative strategist, community-engaged artist, and urban planner. I work with people to reimagine our relationship to the places we live in and each other. With Diksha Pilania. I’m the co-founder of Why Wow, a design practice for the social sector.

    As a facilitator, I offer capacity building services to organizations and groups: conflict engagement, evaluation and impact assessment, strategic planning, and leadership coaching.

    In my creative and community-engaged work, I explore these questions: Who are we? What do we stand for? How do we want to be remembered? We spark learning about the past to dream liberatory futures and create community-directed responses to injustice. 

    In everything I do, I use popular education practices, where everyone is a teacher, everyone is a learner, and we all work together to shape the future we want to see.

    Explore my site to learn more, and connect with me here.